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Malta, ready for business!

From the very early days, Malta has always played an important role in business generation across the Mediterranean, primarily due to its strategic location. During the war Malta was an important strategic partner to many allies by handling their merchandise. Still a British colony at the time, Malta was very successful in increasing its business and become self sustainable. The British wanted to introduce Income Tax to start generating a return and sharing the income.

After gaining our independence early government immediately realised that attracting foreign direct investment would significantly improve our economy and the standard of living of all Maltese. The plan devised was further developed by different political leaders across the years and today we enjoy a stable system which is easily adjusted to contemplate platforms for different industries.

Joining the EU further strengthened our position in the financial services sector, especially since we had to align our laws to European principles. The fact the EU had to vet all our laws ensured that our tax regime is fully compliant with EU standards. Malta is NOT considered to be a Tax Haven, and we were one of the first to endorse initiatives enacted by the EU and OECD for exchange of information.

Today we continue to adopt and set standards.

Malta's Benefits

a) Our multilingual trained professional staff (English spoken by 85% of the population)

b) Efficient and inexpensive workforce.

c) Excellent North Africa Connections, particularly in Libya and the Surrounding regions.

d) Political, Social and Economic Stability.

e) Highly trusted authorities.

f) Pleasant lifestyle for employees.

g) Wide Air and Sea Connectivity.

Reach out to one of our advisers and we'll get in touch, whether it's a mere accounting or payroll job; or a more complex tax or advisory task. We're ready to help get started!

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