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Businesses struggled to come to terms with the idea to outsource some of their functions. Many entrepreneurs associate outsourcing with the fear of loosing control of part of the business, somethings which has been considered to have a devastating effect.

In recent years we have seen more business exploring the idea to outsource certain functions which are not core to their business model. In fact, if done efficiently, businesses stand to benefit from added value. Looking at this from a different perspective will make you realise that certain functions are better off outsourced. This might potentially enable the business to unleash its full potential.

Three reasons why you should outsource.

a) Focus on core functions - A number of functions are becoming more and more regulated and compliance is becoming a significant burden on the business. For a company with limited sources, this will be a significant burden, which can potentially divert the management's focus from their core function.

b) Costs - Certain back office functions are costly to maintain in house, and to a certain extent, there might not be enough workload to merit the employment of personnel to maintain such functions. This could potentially mean that business resources are being used inefficiently, when otherwise it could be cheaper to outsource.

c) Skills - Limited accessible resources may have a detrimental effect on the performance and the up keeping of knowledge in certain organisations, particularly if the function is not core. Outsourcing can help bridge this gap by paying for a pay per use service and at the same time reassuring stakeholders that the knowledge in accordance with various rules and regulations is well maintained.

How we can help

This is where we come in to assist you in various areas, be it payroll or accounting, we are open to discuss potential collaborations which add value to your business. We offer tailored made solutions and putting your business at the centre of the relationship.

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